Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is that great time of year where we all get to dress up and remember what it was like to be a kid - for at least one night - but at some point just like in the fairy tales the ball ends and we turn back into a pumpkin.
But here is the good part! We want to see your Halloween costumes!!
If you have a great costume - we want to see it! Email your costume and we will do a virtual costume party - model style. That's right , no one is going to ROCK a costume better than you models out there - so let's see what you got!
Email your best shot to us at
We will post the pictures on the blog of the top 10 costumes. Then you can comment on the BLOG only and we will choose a winner! So here is the deal this only will work if you send in your photos. All comments MUST be on the blog - please do not email your comments.
SO ... please send us your best costume photo and we will pick a winner from our virtual costume competition!
The winner will get a brand new Peak Models & Talent portfolio, and second place will get a Starbucks card for a Pumpkin spice latte!!!
So go get your camera phones and start snapping your costume photos!
And one last thing - please do not drink and drive - stay safe and we look forward to your photos!
Natasha Duswalt
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