Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Los Angeles.... its' a big place - especially when there is a drive involved. Now take an audition that is located out of the general Los Angeles area, and you can find yourself on a series of freeways - the 5 South, the 605, the 110 East, the 710 South - you name it - you have probably driven these roads to castings.
There are times we send a casting out for the Orange County area, and we get back comments from models that the drive is too far. Too far? For an opportunity? I would hope that we are seeing past the drive - and into the booking phase.
A couple of weeks ago we were casting in the Orange County area - and YES I agree that is farther than expected. BUT - and this is the great part- the client only asked for selected models to be seen. Now we are talking!!
After the casting, the models that were booked have worked all week long - and yes - you guessed it the rate is GREAT! We are talking thousands of dollars for the week of work. Was the drive a hurdle? Absolutely. Was it worth it? You tell me?
If you were working all week doing what you love and making over $100.0o per hour would you be happy? I think so ....
Now here is the icing on the cake. Last year our client asked for a few models to work this same event - and guess what? This year the models from last year did not even have to go to the casting - they were DIRECT BOOKED - for this weeks event.
Now that is called getting your moneys worth out of a casting and out of your gas tank!
I guess the point here is that if you get a casting that seems further than you think - just ask yourself what is the outcome I am looking for? What do I want out of this?
Ask a great question - get a great answer...

Thanks for listening!
Natasha Duswalt
Peak Models & Talent

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