Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome Anthony to Peak!

Anthony is has joined Peak Models & Talent and within his first week with the agency he has booked his first catalog shoot!
Anthony was with the group in downtown shooting amazing shots all over the city. Joined by Jessica, Brooke, Haley and Kevin, Anthony had great models surrounding him on his first shoot! Congrats Anthony!
Keep showing up for those castings and may they all turn into bookings!
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brooke Books Catalog shoot!

Peak Models & Talent welcomed Brooke to the team and within a short amount of time she already booked her first catalog shoot! Brooke was shooting with a great group of models on the rooftops of our very own downtown Los Angeles!
Congrats Brooke on your first Peak Models & Talent booking! Keep showing up to your castings and you could be the next model booking!!
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Haley Joins Peak!

Peak Models & Talent welcome Haley to our team and she has already booked several jobs including a show, fit modeling, a catalog, and look book -
Haley had the pleasure of being selected to shoot with a Brooke, Anthony, Kevin and Jessica for the downtown catalog shoot for a local clothing company.
Thank you to all of the models that showed up and ROCKED it at the shoot! For more images on Haley - check out our website at
Thank you Haley for showing up and booking!

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Happy Halloween!

Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is that great time of year where we all get to dress up and remember what it was like to be a kid - for at least one night - but at some point just like in the fairy tales the ball ends and we turn back into a pumpkin.
But here is the good part! We want to see your Halloween costumes!!
If you have a great costume - we want to see it! Email your costume and we will do a virtual costume party - model style. That's right , no one is going to ROCK a costume better than you models out there - so let's see what you got!
Email your best shot to us at
We will post the pictures on the blog of the top 10 costumes. Then you can comment on the BLOG only and we will choose a winner! So here is the deal this only will work if you send in your photos. All comments MUST be on the blog - please do not email your comments.
SO ... please send us your best costume photo and we will pick a winner from our virtual costume competition!
The winner will get a brand new Peak Models & Talent portfolio, and second place will get a Starbucks card for a Pumpkin spice latte!!!
So go get your camera phones and start snapping your costume photos!
And one last thing - please do not drink and drive - stay safe and we look forward to your photos!
Natasha Duswalt
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Kevin had a great day this week shooting a catalog downtown !
Stay tuned to see some behind the scene shots from the shoot with several Peak Models on set!
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Jamie B available for booking.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Elena landed a nice COMMERCIAL booking with Chrysler!
The job ended up being a two day booking!
Gotta love it!
It is not mystery why Elena books - she is kind, energetic, and always shows up to her castings!
Go Elena! There are more bookings coming your way!
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Friday, October 21, 2011


We love meeting new models - and we love when they book!
Jazmin joined Peak Models & Talent and just landed her first 3 day booking for a dress catalog!
Jazmin has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps showing up to castings and having a great attitude!
Thanks Jazmin for looking so amazing!
We are excited to book your first catalog shoot!~

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Hope S available for booking.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


JAMES KWONG is an amazing talent - with a look that works in the business, sports, and athletic markets, James has it all.
For print, runway, commercials, shows, and any other bookings, contact us at 661-294-1100 to book James!
James K available for booking.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We all love our TV shows - and having Amanda with us from the hit show SURVIVOR has been a pleasure!
Amanda has SURVIVED the toughest situations, so getting booked in LA is a cake walk compared to living on an island!
With Amanda comes an amazing work ethic, and a willingness to book what comes her way.
Clients are so happy with Amanda that she gets rebooked without even having to cast!
Now that's a work ethic!
Thank you Amanda for being part of the PEAK TEAM! We look forward to continued bookings!~

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Holland B available for booking.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Los Angeles.... its' a big place - especially when there is a drive involved. Now take an audition that is located out of the general Los Angeles area, and you can find yourself on a series of freeways - the 5 South, the 605, the 110 East, the 710 South - you name it - you have probably driven these roads to castings.
There are times we send a casting out for the Orange County area, and we get back comments from models that the drive is too far. Too far? For an opportunity? I would hope that we are seeing past the drive - and into the booking phase.
A couple of weeks ago we were casting in the Orange County area - and YES I agree that is farther than expected. BUT - and this is the great part- the client only asked for selected models to be seen. Now we are talking!!
After the casting, the models that were booked have worked all week long - and yes - you guessed it the rate is GREAT! We are talking thousands of dollars for the week of work. Was the drive a hurdle? Absolutely. Was it worth it? You tell me?
If you were working all week doing what you love and making over $100.0o per hour would you be happy? I think so ....
Now here is the icing on the cake. Last year our client asked for a few models to work this same event - and guess what? This year the models from last year did not even have to go to the casting - they were DIRECT BOOKED - for this weeks event.
Now that is called getting your moneys worth out of a casting and out of your gas tank!
I guess the point here is that if you get a casting that seems further than you think - just ask yourself what is the outcome I am looking for? What do I want out of this?
Ask a great question - get a great answer...

Thanks for listening!
Natasha Duswalt
Peak Models & Talent

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Hilary B available for booking.

Monday, October 17, 2011