Friday, July 29, 2011


When you think about modeling, do you envision models standing around photo shoots dressed in the latest fashions sipping lemonade and filling out their vouchers? Or do you imagine the studio shoot with the fans blowing and music pumping? Do you see the glamour of it all?
Do you dream of the day when you will be booked every day doing what you love?
I know some of you that have been in the biz for a while know that it is not always all the glitz and glam- but it is a great industry.
There are days where you will be driving all over town meeting people, trying on clothes that are either too big or too small or you might be too young or whatever the case may be. The one thing I can tell you is this ....persistence is the mother of achievement.
Think of this, nothing can stop persistence. Persistence never rests, persistence never gives up, and persistence never ever takes no to heart. Persistence will prevail.
So for those of you that are in the game, stay persistent, and if you need to make ends meet doing other work such as blogging, or working as an extra, or working as a temp on the side, that is fine, because persistence is on your side.
So do not block your days with something you do not love doing, remain persistent, ready, and if you need to find a work from home, or work from your computer doing surveys, or taking online course to learn a trade, then that is what you need to do - just remain flexible.
Persistence is well...persistent....

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msbuffy11 said...

FANTASTIC Post!! I'm saving this for those hard days. Very inspiring!