Sunday, July 31, 2011


A day at the office? Not for Ashley! With an amazing booking taking place at a high end Spa and resort, Ashley enjoyed her day taking amazing photos and relaxing in the beautiful surroundings. These are the dream bookings that Peak Models & Talent is proud to book for our reliable models.
Thank you Ashley for all that you do!
To book Ashley for your next project, look book, catalog, or campaign, contact 661-294-1100

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


For your next booking check out CON for your marketing needs!
Con S available for booking.

Friday, July 29, 2011


When you think about modeling, do you envision models standing around photo shoots dressed in the latest fashions sipping lemonade and filling out their vouchers? Or do you imagine the studio shoot with the fans blowing and music pumping? Do you see the glamour of it all?
Do you dream of the day when you will be booked every day doing what you love?
I know some of you that have been in the biz for a while know that it is not always all the glitz and glam- but it is a great industry.
There are days where you will be driving all over town meeting people, trying on clothes that are either too big or too small or you might be too young or whatever the case may be. The one thing I can tell you is this ....persistence is the mother of achievement.
Think of this, nothing can stop persistence. Persistence never rests, persistence never gives up, and persistence never ever takes no to heart. Persistence will prevail.
So for those of you that are in the game, stay persistent, and if you need to make ends meet doing other work such as blogging, or working as an extra, or working as a temp on the side, that is fine, because persistence is on your side.
So do not block your days with something you do not love doing, remain persistent, ready, and if you need to find a work from home, or work from your computer doing surveys, or taking online course to learn a trade, then that is what you need to do - just remain flexible.
Persistence is well...persistent....

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Colleen K available for booking.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sometimes there are some guys that just need to be mentioned. Justin is one of those guys!
Justin joined Peak Models & Talent a while back - and has been a great addition to our team!
When we need someone with a great attitude - we know we can count on Justin to keep our clients happy.
Just has booked quite a few projects, and he is available for print, fit, runway and commercial print assignments!

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Claire B available for booking.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

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When you think about freedom, what crosses your mind? Waving flags, fireworks, BBQ's with friends and family? Well these are all great things, but one of the things I think about when I think of FREEDOM is that in this country we have the freedom to try our careers and avenues that some people will never have. Think about it, for all the time that you are wondering why you are not getting what you want, there are endless opportunities all around you! There are photographers that would love to shoot with you, to trade time for photos, there are clients setting up castings to see models, there are your agents that are working for free until you book a job. Think about that for a moment, when your agent calls you it is because they have worked for free for an opportunity to send you to. Think about your parents who raised you asking nothing but for you to have a great life and be happy! What an amazing gift that we have the freedom to choose our path!

There is so much we can all strive for, do not take your own freedom away thinking that you are not enough for any opportunity! Just remember, as the doors of opportunity open, you are FREE to step through them!

So the big picture is that we are all in this together, and we need to continue to work together in our business of choice.