Monday, April 25, 2011


So the other day I met a new model that came to sign up with us for more work.
I asked her what she has been doing and how available she was for castings and bookings.
She told me her schedule was pretty filled up with fittings so she was not sure how much more she could take on.
She seemed to be pretty busy - once I asked her about her fit schedule, she told me that she met these clients and became their fit model after going out on a print audition.
This seems fair enough - this model knows how to work it! She went to a print audition and when asked if she would fit their line she agreed!
The complete opposite happens as well - one of our fit models works with a high end denim company and since she fits the jeans and looks great in everything - they use her for print and shows! Now that's creating value in your industry.
Remember that as a model you are always looking for ways to bring value to your clients and agency. Stay on top of your game, and stay healthy, fit and well packaged!
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JRob10 said...

Love this post Natasha. It's so true! If you are likeable, reliable & stay on top of your image- people are sure to re-use you & use you for other things then they initially booked you for! I'm speaking from 3 years of experience with one company... I was booked for fit at first (as you know), but I also do their web site, Magic and Showroom events everytime. It's awesome!

-Jade H.