Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to models that are currently booking and models that do not even have an agent yet.
I was blown away at how many models came to me after the event telling me horror stories of how they paid thousands of dollars to " sign" with " managers and so called agents" only to find out that they were victims of dream crushers. I was also amazed at how willing and excited these models were to get into the business .
Once I returned from the event, I was told that we had a casting where some of the girls that went to the casting were not exactly the right size and were really upset that they " wasted" their time going to the clients office for the opportunity.
Now here is where it gets interesting to me - these models are signed with an agent, given castings, and when it does not work out they call and complain???
It really seems out of balance - when someone is trying their darndest to get get you a job, the last thing I would do is to call and act nasty to that person - or the other people answering the phones.
I think that somewhere along the line everyone needs to realize that until we book a job, everything we do is a free until you book - including posting your photos, calling you, emailing you, calling clients and trying to get you in the door, setting up the website, updating the website, you name it - we do it until you start booking/
So the least someone can do is understand that we are just as upset when you do not book - but we do not call you and make you feel badly when you do not get the job. So with that said, we would ask that you understand that we are doing our best, and not call to vent... it just takes more time and we can all focus on better things and booking the next job.
We are all in this together - so please know that we want you to book and would never want to waste your time - and after all there are no guarantees that is why it is called a " casting"
Thanks for listening! The Peak Team
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