Friday, January 7, 2011


With the new year always comes the new energy to give it your all!
But what happens? Does life suddenly take over and grab your attention?

There is so much happening at Peak Models & Talent, I can't help that it seems that the same names keep coming up as " unavailable" or wanting a time change for an audition, or not having any photos?
What is that about?
So here is what I know for sure, you all want to book, and you all know what it takes, but are you willing to become the person it takes to book?
Are you willing to get your photos in?
Are you willing to GYSDF - get your stuff done fast?
Are you willing to go to your castings, NO MATTER WHAT? Yes, that means missing that spin class you so wanted to take, and yes it means postponing your nail appointment, and yes it means that if you have another way of making money that you put those things on second great so that you can follow your dream!
There are also those of you that are spread so thin you can barely breathe! I get it you want it all but focus is your key!
There is nothing better than seeing someone succeed, and I have been doing this long enough to see what makes some book and others stand by waiting.
Do what it takes, get out there to every little thing you never know who is going to be there and you never know where it will lead...
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