Thursday, December 2, 2010


Now that we are fully in the midst of the holidays, it can be a models dream month, and an agents worst nightmare trying to keep up with holiday schedules. From mid November to mod January there seems to be an exodus of models going home to spend the holidays with family.
At the same time there also seems to be more work than we can handle at this time of year.
Why you ask?
Here is how it works, companies are gearing up their marketing for the new year, and with that comes photo shoots, new products, tradeshow planning etc. So, for the models that are available and ready to go, there are bookings galore. One model today booked 3 print jobs, direct bookings because she is in town for the holidays.
Another model picked up 9 fit clients for a model that is traveling this month and cannot be available for her fittings. Our model that is covering this fitting stands to make a several thousand dollars for the days she is covering the fit accounts.
Now to be fair, I totally get it that people have plans, and want to take some time for family etc.
But it is important that you let the agency know EXACTLY when you are going to be out of town and EXACTLY when you will be back in town, so that your bookers know when you can work.
It is the models that are available and communicate that will be on the bookers mind when the last minute bookings come pouring in.
One last note, casting directors are the go between agents, clients and advertising agencies.
Once a casting director gets the idea that you run late, do not show up for castings etc, it can really put doubt in their minds when it comes time to booking.
Think of it this way, a casting or audition is your chance to show your work ethic even before you get hired. Show up on time, consistently, well, you get the picture...
On that note, have a wonderful holiday season!
I look forward to seeing you all working more than you could imagine this holiday season!
Natasha Duswalt

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