Friday, December 31, 2010


The Rose Parade in Pasadena is a local tradition!
Peak Models & Talent is proud to be part of such an amazing event!
The best part of this booking, is that everyone has a great time!
What a great way to kick of the New Year!
Watch for your fellow Peak Models on the Rose Parade!
Pictured here from left to right..
Nick, Johnnie, Suzie,Zachary, and Brad.
A special thanks to everyone willing to work on New Years Day! You guys are all RockStars! We are proud to represent each and everyone of you, and we will be watching you on TV tomorrow!
We will be following up with more photos as them become available!
Tune in New Years Day!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

picture 4

2010 is upon us, but Peak Models & Talent has been booking for over a decade!
In this photo Shana is wearing sportswear for a catalog shot..
Shana is one of the hardest working print, fit and catalog models I have ever known.
Shana and I go way back, so having friends get the bookings is really rewarding!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Disney has been booking with Peak Models & Talent for years. We love our Disney bookings because the job is fun and exciting for the models.
After all wouldn't you like to get paid to be at the Happiest Place on Earth?
Disney books women, men and kids.
Make sure to have a lifestyle shot in your book!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

picture 2

Another lovely shot of Suzannah for high end bridal and lingerie!
Keeping your photos current is the key to booking!
When your photos show a range of looks, it helps the client to know that you book!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

picture 1

High fashion shots are helpful in your portfolio. Here is Suzannah wearing beautiful couture lingerie for Claire Pettibone. For information on booking Suzannah, cal us at PEak Models & Talent

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I know you guys are all running around like crazy this month! Many of you are going out of town to see family, and some of you just returned from Thanksgiving celebrations as well.
With everyone being so busy, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am grateful for all of you. I know you are not staring at our photos all day, but we are staring at yours. Every day I see your smiling faces reflecting back at me while I am submitting , emailing your photos, or just frantically trying to find someone to fill a last minute booking.
Taylor, Emily and Will are also staring at all of you daily, so from our point of view, we feel like we are with you daily.
Over the years I have seen models buy homes, new cars, graduate, get married, have babies, and I have even seen one model pass away way too soon. The experience of running a modeling agency has given me a unique insight into the lives of people living their passions.
I am proud of what Peak Models & Talent stands for in the fashion and entertainment industry, and I am proud of the people we represent.
There is no greater compliment than when I get a call or an email from someone saying that they have heard great feedback about Peak Models & Talent and the people we represent.
Thank you all for representing us with style and grace.
On another note, I want to thank those of you that have sent in goodies to the office.
Taylor , Emily and Will work so very hard, and your visits and holiday treats are truly appreciated. Happy Holidays to everyone!
Thank you again for what you do!
Your Dedicated Agent - Natasha Duswalt
Along with the amazing booking team- Taylor, Emily, and Will

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Peak Models & Talent has wonderful kids, teens and tween booking for print, fit , runway, and commercials!
Peak Models & Talent is a SAG franchised agency representing models and talent for youth projects as well!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Castings, bookings, castings, bookings, comp cards, portfolios, fittings, catalogs, runway, showroom, it all adds up to a working model.
We have been booking heavily this year, and with all that is going on, we need to be on top of our game.
For anyone signed or recently signed with Peak Models & Talent, we are requiring that you have at least 50 PEAK comp cards at our office, and a PEAK MODELS & TALENT portfolio.
When models go to castings, it can be confusing for clients when models walk in with plain books, or folders holding images. The presentation must be strong with agency representation clearly on the front of the portfolio.
With the holidays upon us, it is a great time to treat yourself to a PEAK MODELS & TALENT 20 page portfolio to INVEST in your career!
Starting in January, we will be having portfolio and comp card reviews for all models. We are serious about booking and need all of you to start planning your new year with us and get your comp cards ordered and if you need a portfolio, call the office at 661-294-1100 and let us know!
We are excited to start the new year off with more castings and bookings !
Please if you want to comment, go to the blog and comment there...
Thank you for taking the best care of yourselves this holiday season, and remember to be safe!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010


Tashia is one of our petitie models that FITS the bill when clients call for a beautiful blonde bombshell!
Tashia has a great figure and wonderful attitude!
For booking info on Tashia, call US!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Now that we are fully in the midst of the holidays, it can be a models dream month, and an agents worst nightmare trying to keep up with holiday schedules. From mid November to mod January there seems to be an exodus of models going home to spend the holidays with family.
At the same time there also seems to be more work than we can handle at this time of year.
Why you ask?
Here is how it works, companies are gearing up their marketing for the new year, and with that comes photo shoots, new products, tradeshow planning etc. So, for the models that are available and ready to go, there are bookings galore. One model today booked 3 print jobs, direct bookings because she is in town for the holidays.
Another model picked up 9 fit clients for a model that is traveling this month and cannot be available for her fittings. Our model that is covering this fitting stands to make a several thousand dollars for the days she is covering the fit accounts.
Now to be fair, I totally get it that people have plans, and want to take some time for family etc.
But it is important that you let the agency know EXACTLY when you are going to be out of town and EXACTLY when you will be back in town, so that your bookers know when you can work.
It is the models that are available and communicate that will be on the bookers mind when the last minute bookings come pouring in.
One last note, casting directors are the go between agents, clients and advertising agencies.
Once a casting director gets the idea that you run late, do not show up for castings etc, it can really put doubt in their minds when it comes time to booking.
Think of it this way, a casting or audition is your chance to show your work ethic even before you get hired. Show up on time, consistently, well, you get the picture...
On that note, have a wonderful holiday season!
I look forward to seeing you all working more than you could imagine this holiday season!
Natasha Duswalt


So you want to work out? Look at our models sporting these awesome gym shots! Ok I will go to the gym if I get to look like this! LOL Great models make great shots!