Monday, October 11, 2010


Working in the modeling and entertainment industry for the past 20 plus years has been quite an education. I have seen many models come into the business completely confused about what an agent actually does for the model.
It seems that once a model signs up with an agent, they think that the hard part is done, and now the bookings just roll on in.
The truth is, the work is just beginning, and now is the time that the models REALLY need to show up with their A game on. The idea that the agent manages your photos, tells you what to wear, how to look, etc is not completely true. Yes when we tell you to go on a casting we try to give you an idea of what the wardrobe calls for, but sometimes it is up to you, since the clients are not always able to give that in a moments notice.
So, it is VITAL that you have your " uniform" ready to go for a last minute casting.
By uniform I mean something that makes you look like a model. To be on the safe side, always wear heels and a sleek black outfit. You will look tall, thin and chic.
I know it might not seem exciting, but it works.
As far as your photos and comp card go, that is more of a management issue. Many models will ask their agents for advice on photos, and email dozens of photos to review, sometimes hundreds. That is really something that you need to edit down with your photographer, and come to your agency with the top 10 that you have honed in on.
Think of it this way, agents are getting jobs, calling clients, casting, booking, and trying to get you booked. So, when you overwhelm the email with every photo you have from your weekend shoot, the agency has to sift through your stuff before they can get down to the clients emails seeking models!
I know, you want your agency to pick what they like, and believe me your agency wants great photos, but not when they have to look at 300 hundred of them, times all the models in the that is time consuming:)
The job of an agent is not photo editor, it is to find work for you, and get you booked. So next time you think about sending all those photos, just edit it down to your top 10 - I actually usually send the photos right to clients if there are just 3- 4 in an email, so keep that in mind too.
Less is more, and clients will see your photos all alone if you just send a few ...
Thank you for all that you do, and remember to always show up to your castings!

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