Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Since 1997 Peak Models & Talent has been booking models for FIT, PRINT, RUNWAY, CATALOGS, LOOK BOOKS, TV, VIDEOS, AND COMMERCIALS. Over the years I have found that each agency has it's strong points, and of course we fall into the same mold when it comes to what we do best.
The other day I had a photographer asking for a specific type of model for his project. He wanted a woman with no curves at all, straight up and down and about 6 foot tall. What he did not realize is that he should be calling a " high fashion" agency. We are a commercial, agency with lifestyle FIT, PRINT and CATALOG models. our strong points are that we have great people that FIT the clothes, fresh faces and amazing models for CATALOGS and LOOKBOOKS.
Peak Models & Talent also books for RUNWAY, but it is not our only focus. We are so strong with our COMMERCIAL STYLE MODELS that we do not focus on high fashion at all. We are more focused on the products and services that sell to everyone.
When your clients consist of Disney, Target, New Balance, Adidas, Speedo, Nokia, Wells Fargo, Cialis, Bridal companies, Ski companies, Swim companies, and brand names in clothing, it is a nice niche in the modeling business that we fill for our clients.
Our models are able to work with top companies and we love the artistic quality of the high fashion world, but it is not our strongest suit.
I guess when you do something well, stick to that, and do not try to do everything.
The same goes for a model, do not try to be everything to everyone, just figure out what works and do that... if you are a young mom look, go for it and get your soccer mom gear going in your next shoot, if you are a swim suit model, by all means shoot some classy shots that show you are naturally in shape! Just find what works and work it!

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