Tuesday, October 26, 2010


All models know that castings are the first step to booking!
There are so many models that miss out on amazing opportunities because they do not put their modeling career up front and center in their lives.
This is also usually the reason some models have pretty pictures but never book.

Just today we have a client ask to see a group of requested models for an ongoing job that will work several times a week and pay very nicely.
The down side of the industry is that once they find their girl, that is it, the door is closed, and no one will be seen after they decide.
On this particular job, the client booked the FIRST model that walked in the door and called us to cancel the rest of the models!
Of course you are thinking that is unfair to the other models, but it would also be unfair to ask the models to go to the casting and find out they had already booked and to go home.
For these situations we wish everyone could be booked, but I guess the lesson here is to get there FIRST!
Remember, clients want to get on with their busy schedules, so model casting is just more work for everyone. So, if they find their IT GIRL right away, then their job is done and they can do the next project. This is especially true of FIT modeling castings, they want to get FITTING right away, so finding the perfect FIITTING MODEL is top priority!
I would love your feedback on this subject, have you ever been shut out of a casting because you went late or missed a casting hoping for another casting day? Let us know your thoughts!
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