Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Botox-ed beauties no longer seem to be the favourites with Hollywood, with casting agents now looking for actors who look like "normal people".

Francene Selkirk, a 15-year casting director who has filled roles for TV shows and movies, said many directors in the entertainment industry are turning away from silicone-filled, artificial bodies unless needed as a specific character trait.I would have to say that 99 percent of commercial directors don't want it," ABC News quoted Selkirk as saying.

"The 'natural look' is back in, and looking 'plastically perfect' in every way may not work to an actor's advantage anymore," she said.

Selkirk's pet peeve when reviewing actors' head shots: 'Face work', especially lip injections.

She encourages young actresses not to think they have to go under the knife to get casted.

"I'm very anti-surgery. I think that the times have changed and I think the look is natural, people want natural," she said.

"It really changes the shape of your lips and ... it means 'alien' to me, your face doesn't move correctly," she added.

Big-screen casting director Danny Roth, who has several projects under his belt, said plastic surgery has invaded Hollywood to the point that it's becoming more difficult to find actors to play certain ages.

"There's kind of a blur between 40 and 60, like, where are those women?" he asked.

"The women over 40 are trying really hard to stay down there until they are doing the grandmother roles," he added. (ANI)

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