Thursday, August 26, 2010


With the auditions and castings that come through the office, I was noticing that there is something going on out there as far as confirmations.
So we send you an audition from LA CASTING, and we have noticed that we are not getting some of your responses, so upon further investigation, we found that some of you are hitting " reply"on your email.
Well normally that would work, but in these cases the auditions are coming through the casting offices, so they are delivered through their server.
What that means is that you cannot hit " reply" on the LA CASTING auditions, you need to either call or email us directly with your confirms.
And also, please keep in mind that auditions and castings come before your other activities, such as the gym, hair appointments, painting your house, etc etc.
You get the picture, if we get an audition the client has requested you, so it is up to you to get there to book that job:)
It is so busy with new projects that we really all need to work together to keep on the same page and get these bookings!
Thanks for checking in with us!

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