Wednesday, July 7, 2010

There are days when everything seems out of sync and days where all is well!
Today for example we have a bunch of bookings, Disney, Wells Fargo, Adidas, and Asics is on hold all for print. We also had a model email her new photos and book a catalog job right off the photos!
Now that is inspiring! Imagine if you could just send a photo in, we pass it on to a client and you get booked! Isn't that what you want?
Now there is the other side of the puzzle, you are low on funds, trying to survive and you have us saying " get new photos" and you feel like it is a catch 22.
Well it is, and there is also a solution! If you feel like you cannot get shots, there are several photographers in school that would LOVE to shoot with a beautiful model! When I was modeling I would go to the Pasadena Art School and trade my time for photos with up and coming photographers, and I have some great photos that I still keep in my memory box, since my modeling day have sailed on since the agency :)
So the bottom line is that if you feel like it you are swimming up stream, just call some Art schools and check in with the photography department, and they can surely hook you up with their students!
Make sure to NEVER shoot alone with anyone, as your safety is #1 . We are always happy to provide any information we can when it comes to helping our models, and this idea seemed to work for me, hope it works for you to!
Natasha Duswalt
Peak Models & Talent

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