Saturday, July 10, 2010


When new models come into the office, it is always our job to " place" then into a category that we feel they can book the most. Many times models will come in with a great look, but no particular style to that we can pin point. What I mean is, there are specific models that meet specific looks.
For the Ralph Lauren model you need sophistication with an understated look. For denim, you might want a younger model with long hair flowing around her jeans. You get the picture!
So when you need to find your personal style, it might be worth it to invest in a style consultant.
Last year at the RockStar System for Success I met a very stylish woman named Tamra Nashman.
When Tamra walked into the room, you could feel her sense of style. Everything about her look said confidence and style. I was not surprised when I learned that she had over 20years of experience in television and her face promoted products from Hertz to Canon Copiers, and high end cars as well.
Tamra Nashman has created a systme called the EXTRA ORDINARY IMAGE to assist individuals with their personal style and personal packaging.
Tamra can take you from presentable to POLISHED. There is no better way to book a job then to LOOK the part, so find your STYLE and WORK IT! For more information go to
Make sure to find your personal style and create a look that books!

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