Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There seems to be some confusion on the definition of a casting.
There are certain requirements that a client will ask for, and as the agency, we are to provide the request. Now here is the tricky part...there is usually a one spot they are filling, or a few spots depending on the job. Now here is the clincher, there are some people that seem to think that once they go on a casting they will be hired!?!? What????
Ok so I get it, you are disappointed that you did not get the job, but honestly, a casting is the equal to a job interview. So you have to go in with a great attitude, and if you do not get it, just be happy that you were even considered at all. The LAST thing you should be doing is calling and complaining to your agency. I can say that the biggest pet peeve of an agent is when people call to complain about how they wasted their time on the casting. Really?? Is that what you want us to think? So let me get this straight, you did not book the job which is not good for anyone, and to sweeten the deal you call and gripe?
So here's an idea, how about being thankful that you were sent. Now if you are a complainer thank you for letting us know that you are not interested in attending castings unless you are going to get it 100% . This makes our job easier, since we cannot guarantee a booking.
I am sure that anyone reading this would never ever be a thorn and complain about opportunities that we have provided, but seriously we all need to understand the process of casting. It is NOT a guarantee, it is an OPPORTUNITY only.
Thanks for listening!


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