Thursday, April 15, 2010


Showroom is one aspect of the modeling business that is quick and easy, not to mention that it works multiple days. Clothing designers and manufacturers rely on the models they book to try on the clothes so that the company can show off the great fit on a live person, boosting sales.
Some models really get the bigger picture and go the extra mile to outshine the other models. Sadly, and in the case of one job this past weekend, some models felt that it was ok to stand around in a cluster chatting, instead of being there to show the clothes.
In fact, the most shocking of all is that some models were too lazy to pick up their clothes off the floor and hang them back up!
Now as an agent, I can assure you that anyone that pulls this kind of stunt with any of our clients will be getting a phone call regarding proper etiquette in a showroom.
The only thing is, didn't anyone ever stop to think that maybe it would be the RIGHT thing to pick up the clothes they wore?
Come on ladies! You are working! I can only hope that the models that did this were not with PEAK MODELS & TALENT.
And one more thing, I hope I never hear anyone saying that they are not being paid enough to hang up the clothes. This is a NO DIVA ZONE! LOL
The bottom line is, no matter how low or high the rate, you are there representing yourself and PEAK, so you are expected to go ABOVE AND BEYOND on anything we send you on. Thanks for checking in and reading the posts!
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Jade A. said...

I wanted to add to this Blog! I definitely understand some companies do not pay as well as us models would like... And some pay very well! But I've noticed the companies that do not pay as well usually use models more frequently for whatever it may be!! I do a shoot every few months with a dress company and they don't pay a ridiculous amount BUT they enjoy me AND have used me 6 times, so while it may not be a ton of money- it's consistent!! I like to think it's because I'm a good model but I also know it's because when I'm there I try and be helpful with hanging garments or with whatever I can, even if I wasn't told that's what I'd be doing (within reason!!) and I try to be easy to work with! I am not too good for any job!! Any work is experience and connections!!! We should be glad we get chosen and are on jobs! Period.

-Jade H.