Monday, April 19, 2010


So the other day I was getting feedback from one of our models regarding a client that we are booking with for multiple positions.
I was checking in to see if she had any feedback from the client, when she casually let me know that she did not seem right for it but went ahead and gave the information and the client away to someone out of the agency.
Now I am all for helping people, but seriously, this is a business, and we are in business to create opportunities and clients for people with Peak Models & Talent.
What you do not know is that I personally call clients to create new opportunities all of the time for our models and talent.
My job consists of opening accounts and new opportunities for all of the models that work with PEAK.
This particular client took over six months to get an appointment with, so as you can imagine, we were pretty disappointed to find out that one of OUR models was GIVING AWAY our client information to freelance models.
Put it this way, if we give you a casting, or any information on a client, that is PRIVATE info, just for you! Do not call your friends and discuss what we are sending you on, or compare castings. There is a reason some people are called in, and it always has to do with what the client requests!
When you give away our castings to people out of the agency, you are giving away future jobs for yourself too.
Remember, more models lose jobs this way than any other.

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