Wednesday, April 21, 2010


With the age of technology surrounding us at every turn, I am still surprised when models email me after the fact stating that they did not check their phone or email for their auditions.
I cannot tell you how many people miss out on big jobs due to a lack of checking their phones, emails, and texts. Now I for one know that a text is hard to ignore, especially when EVERYONE I know does more texting than talking these days!
So, when you tell me that you " missed" the notice, I have to ask myself if you are really serious?
I know you think I am being impatient, but seriously, if this is your chosen profession, then wouldn't you want to take every possible opportunity to stay connected to the people that are providing the castings and auditions??
I know we are all busy, but if you are too busy to go to castings, then you need to communicate that to your agency so that you can be replaced with someone that wants to go.
Remember, every door is an opportunity for you to book, so get your Nike attitude on, and JUST DO IT! :)))
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