Sunday, April 25, 2010


Many models book with clients year after year.
For Elise, one of our clothing catalog clients rebooks Elise year after year.
As an actress, model and professional fitting model, Elise has been a reliable model booing with top clients for Peak Models & Talent.
Remember getting re booked is all about doing a great job and going above and beyond!
Thanks Elise for being on top of your game!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Models everywhere are all competing for the same jobs. Some models are fortunate to connect with great photographers that are working their talents in the industry.
This cover was shot by photographer Arthur St John with models Ashley.
Ashley has a great attitude and a can do spirit. Arthur St John has the amazing ability to bring the beauty out of everyone he meets behind the camera.
The cover of NIFTY magazine is a testament to the fact that great models an talented photographers can create visual art and magic for all to enjoy.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


With the age of technology surrounding us at every turn, I am still surprised when models email me after the fact stating that they did not check their phone or email for their auditions.
I cannot tell you how many people miss out on big jobs due to a lack of checking their phones, emails, and texts. Now I for one know that a text is hard to ignore, especially when EVERYONE I know does more texting than talking these days!
So, when you tell me that you " missed" the notice, I have to ask myself if you are really serious?
I know you think I am being impatient, but seriously, if this is your chosen profession, then wouldn't you want to take every possible opportunity to stay connected to the people that are providing the castings and auditions??
I know we are all busy, but if you are too busy to go to castings, then you need to communicate that to your agency so that you can be replaced with someone that wants to go.
Remember, every door is an opportunity for you to book, so get your Nike attitude on, and JUST DO IT! :)))
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Monday, April 19, 2010


So the other day I was getting feedback from one of our models regarding a client that we are booking with for multiple positions.
I was checking in to see if she had any feedback from the client, when she casually let me know that she did not seem right for it but went ahead and gave the information and the client away to someone out of the agency.
Now I am all for helping people, but seriously, this is a business, and we are in business to create opportunities and clients for people with Peak Models & Talent.
What you do not know is that I personally call clients to create new opportunities all of the time for our models and talent.
My job consists of opening accounts and new opportunities for all of the models that work with PEAK.
This particular client took over six months to get an appointment with, so as you can imagine, we were pretty disappointed to find out that one of OUR models was GIVING AWAY our client information to freelance models.
Put it this way, if we give you a casting, or any information on a client, that is PRIVATE info, just for you! Do not call your friends and discuss what we are sending you on, or compare castings. There is a reason some people are called in, and it always has to do with what the client requests!
When you give away our castings to people out of the agency, you are giving away future jobs for yourself too.
Remember, more models lose jobs this way than any other.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Peak Models and Talent welcomes Holly to our board!
Holly has already been getting great feedback from the clients she has met with!


Showroom is one aspect of the modeling business that is quick and easy, not to mention that it works multiple days. Clothing designers and manufacturers rely on the models they book to try on the clothes so that the company can show off the great fit on a live person, boosting sales.
Some models really get the bigger picture and go the extra mile to outshine the other models. Sadly, and in the case of one job this past weekend, some models felt that it was ok to stand around in a cluster chatting, instead of being there to show the clothes.
In fact, the most shocking of all is that some models were too lazy to pick up their clothes off the floor and hang them back up!
Now as an agent, I can assure you that anyone that pulls this kind of stunt with any of our clients will be getting a phone call regarding proper etiquette in a showroom.
The only thing is, didn't anyone ever stop to think that maybe it would be the RIGHT thing to pick up the clothes they wore?
Come on ladies! You are working! I can only hope that the models that did this were not with PEAK MODELS & TALENT.
And one more thing, I hope I never hear anyone saying that they are not being paid enough to hang up the clothes. This is a NO DIVA ZONE! LOL
The bottom line is, no matter how low or high the rate, you are there representing yourself and PEAK, so you are expected to go ABOVE AND BEYOND on anything we send you on. Thanks for checking in and reading the posts!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fit Modelling Offers Good Opportunities

Fit Modelling Offers Good Opportunities

Modelling can be exciting and full of fun, and the model is usually paid well. It does not mean that the work involves taking minimum calories and breaking your high heeled footwear by doing so many castings. If you are one who really wants to try out modelling, you need to find your niche area in the business. Michelle, a booker from a famous agency in New York says that being a fit model will place one in a comfortable environment all the time. There is not much hostility or competition among the models. Generally, the range for female fit models starts from four to 14; but, most of the time, size eight ends up with the majority of the work. For males, medium size attracts the most important works as they fit into it the most.

Fittings usually involve trying on different samples of designer clothing materials, having one’s body measurements taken and, letting the designer know how one feels in the garment. Fit models need to fit into a specific size. Age is not a bar to fit modelling, as many successful models keep working
for many long years. The only thing is that they should keep to the required measurements. There are models that are in their 50’s, but these people command most of the work. Bridal showroom work involves doing a lot of work, but one has to try on numerous wedding dresses for a few days or even a few weeks. This work is really exhausting, because one will be required to stay on feet the whole day. But when it comes to pay-cheques, one will be nothing short of happy.

Fit modelling is not the most glamorous of different types of modelling categories, but considering the payment part, it is certainly worth it. Usually a single company will hire models for a week of fittings at least twice a year and fit models always look forward to these weeks. In order to become a fit model, the best course of action would be to visit the local fashion design school. One may also call up modelling agencies and enquire if they have got a fit division. Popular fit models may try calling companies directly to check for assignments.

For the brave among models, glamour, fetish and artistic modelling are categories that are worth tying. Even though, there is an ongoing debate going on regarding the subtle differences between these three styles since glamour modelling involves partial nudity. Apart from that, artistic photos that come in black and white require nudity to a good extent. Fetish is everything in between the other two categories and involves leather, chains and fishnets. To pose for a modelling agency in these borderline categories, one has to be at least 18 years old. Modelling agencies or houses are not the only source of unconventional or nude artistic works, so one may also check out some web resources. Again, when one has to deal with web photographers, make it a point to ask for samples of their work assignments and references.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Print is one of the best ways to build your book!
Ethan with PEak Models & Talent has always been great about keeping up his images.
His book is updated and fresh.
Having a strong book keeps clients interested in seeing you for print projects.
When you have the same old photos up on LA casting and with your agent, the clients see that you do not update, and assume that you do not get out much, thus limiting your auditions.
Congratulations for Ethan for booking with Peak Models & Talent for Haggar!

Monday, April 5, 2010


There is so much going on right now in LA, that we are having a ball booking you guys!
Literally, we are booking the GUYS a lot these days, and so in keeping with my new attitude that the recession cannot go on forever, I have seen a HUGE rise in business going on in the LA market.
Tony B has been busy booking and booking! I know that he just came off of a shoot for Haggar Mens, and now he just shot the BOSE campaign both of which he booked back to back with Peak Models & Talent.
What is the secret?
That's 90% of it! Think about it, if you show up, you have a chance, if you talk yourself out of an audition over drive time, thinking your not " right" etc.
I cannot tell you how many jobs I booked back when I was going out, thanks to the client changing their mind and going with my type.
Keep showing up like Tony and you too can book!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The other day I was discussing with a client the reason they use the same agencies over and over, of course including Peak Models & Talent. I was really surprised to hear the many of the BIG companies need to get an approval to use a vendor!
What that means to us is that being an " approved agency" is more than being the agency with a pretty website and a great looking models.
My client shared that to become an approved agency there are certain standards that need to be met to get approval. One of the standards is that any given agency has over 10 years of experience, has a stellar reputation for filling the needs of high profile clients, and also exceeds in representing some of the most reliable models and talent in the business.
Not only was I impressed that these companies look for top quality, but there is actually an approval process. For example, when I was booking a print job with Disney, the advertising department told me over the phone that they would love to work with me, but they needed to get a vendor approval. Since Peak Models & Talent already represents models in another department of Disney, we were approved without delay.

What this means to you as a model is that you need to understand that many of the newer start up agencies might seem exciting, yet building a foundation and network of top companies is not something someone can do overnight, or even in a few years.
Peak Models & Talent has been in business booking with fortune500 companies since 1997.
So no matter if it is acting, modeling,runway, fit modeling, catalog modeling, print, commerical print,fitness modeling, theater, commercials, stick with the better agents, and companies that have been around for at least 10 years, you never know if these little agencies will survive the economy!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010


April 1st - also known as April Fools' Day is a day where we all play practical jokes on each other, and hope that we can avoid the ticks of the day all together!

For ome models it seems that many times they are not so lucky.
There are people posing as managers and agents all over LA charging models outrageous rates for photos.
I am so sorry when I see these girls come in with low end photography that they spend a fortune on, just to have to re shoot.
Then the clincher, they paid for a whole portfolio of crappy photos, and a book to boot!
I've even heard of agencies where the " agents" or relatives are doing the shooting.

My advice is don't be fooled! Wait and get a referral for a great photographer, and do some research of your own, but remember to never go to a shoot alone!