Thursday, March 25, 2010

No more gym?!?!

So my gym is closed for two weeks for " remodeling"... what does that mean "remodeling?" Does that mean that once the doors re open that we will all look like models? this does not come at a great time for me, since I just got done posting about swim season around the corner, so should I be hitting the gym in solidarity? And yes I did once upon a time make a living as a swimsuit model. This was before the gym was even on my radar.

Now, as I realized that my gym was off the table for 2 weeks, I realized that we have no reason to pay high gym fees in Southern California. With 80 degree weather, and mountains just about everywhere you look, there is no better place to get out and take a walk, jog, or even hike.
So if you are looking for a new work out that does not require a sign up fee, look no further than your sneakers and your own neighborhood.

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