Monday, April 5, 2010


There is so much going on right now in LA, that we are having a ball booking you guys!
Literally, we are booking the GUYS a lot these days, and so in keeping with my new attitude that the recession cannot go on forever, I have seen a HUGE rise in business going on in the LA market.
Tony B has been busy booking and booking! I know that he just came off of a shoot for Haggar Mens, and now he just shot the BOSE campaign both of which he booked back to back with Peak Models & Talent.
What is the secret?
That's 90% of it! Think about it, if you show up, you have a chance, if you talk yourself out of an audition over drive time, thinking your not " right" etc.
I cannot tell you how many jobs I booked back when I was going out, thanks to the client changing their mind and going with my type.
Keep showing up like Tony and you too can book!

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