Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Key to models success!

Are we really still wondering why some models book and some do not?
There is just so much an agency can do for a model, and if you really want to start seeing results, you need to make sure you have the essential keys to your career.
1. Is you portfolio updated with current photos that reflect today's market?
For instance, are you running around with a black and white headshot from 5 years ago?
2. Is you book all bubbly and heat damaged?
3. Are all of your photos in your book from one photo shoot?
Ok seriously I cannot stress this enough, any pro can tell when your shots are all from one shoot, and nothing says " newbie" more than a book filled with shots from one shoot, with one photographer.
4. Are you prepared when you go to castings?
This means having your book and comp card with PEAK logo clearly displayed for the client to call us?
I cannot tell you how many models lose bookings this way, clients call me and say " What was the name of the girl you sent over with the long brown hair and blue eyes? " She was really pretty and we want to book her, but she did not leave a card?"
HA! Now that is a mystery!!! So... we try to do the detective work and figure it out, but usually the clients are in a hurry and say" Oh never mind, just book so and so...."
And there you have it, no card for the client, and jobs can be missed!
So, do not miss out on your opportunity to book the jobs you are going for!
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