Thursday, February 4, 2010


Models from New York to Hong Kong to Los Angeles all have their idea of what modeling assignments look like. You know, the studio, the line of designer clothing, the fan blowing your hair back, the make up artist waiting int he wings to blot your face, the whole production rocking to amazing music!
OK yes, that is what happens on some print shoots, and on some other print shoots you are outside freezing on the beach at sunrise wearing a bikini trying to look completely relaxed !
Yes there a glam sides to the biz and some sides that are a little less than glam.
Let's face it, most models envision the glam side of the biz, but there is another side that is not considered the glam, but it pays, and pays, and pays.
Fit models everywhere are working for clothing designers and manufacturers weekly, and daily in some cases.
Peak Models & Talent has been booking FIT MODELS for many years. As a former fit model, I have more knowledge and first hand experience than probably any other agent booking fitting models.
Many of our models are booked daily and have worked for the same companies over and over, making FIT jobs some of the most sought after positions in the modeling world.
For information on how you can become a fit model, check in with

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