Friday, February 5, 2010


Fitting is one of the aspects of the business that is a constant income source for models and actors. Fit modeling is one of the positions where your size matters.
When you book a fit job, it is important that your size does not change due to weight loss or weight gain. Many models will ask for fitting work and suddenly think they need to be smaller.
Remember, fit models by nature are not the same models you see on the runway.
A fitting model will go into a clothing manufacturer to FIT the garments and give feedback on how the actual fit feels on the body.

For kids that fit, it is important for the parents to keep up on the kids sizes and report any changes to the agency to assure the best chances of booking. For instance, if your child is close to a FIT size, it is important to keep your agent aware of growth that moves the child into the next size.

For womens sizes, the FIT can be sized very differently from designer to designer.
Better clothing will size things to FIT and sell to more people, so when you try on a higher priced item, you will wear a smaller size resulting in the purchase of the item due to the fit and size.

Cheaper clothing will run smaller, since many of the lower priced lines do not invest in fit models, resulting in lower sales and poor fit.
A professional FIT model will assure that a companies garments will FIT more people across the board. There is a reason that the better goods FIT~!

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