Monday, February 8, 2010


If you are a model and you still do not have a composite card, you are seriously missing the boat.
We call clients daily and send out packets of model photos all of the time!
Without your cards, you are missing amazing opportunities! Many of the higher paying print jobs require that a model " have" a composite card.
This is the amazing part, the clients want to " weed" out the models that are not serious by reviewing the composite cards, they can get a feeling of who is a professional model and who is a
" hobby" model.
And to be really honest, if you do not have a professional looking PEAK MODELS portfolio with updated photos, that might be why you are not being sent on print castings.
Our clients are very picky, and if you do not have your ducks in a row, we cannot send you to see the clients if your not up to speed.
If you are reading this and realizing that you are one of the models that wants to be considered for print, it is time to have your portfolio reviewed. If you have photos over 1 year old and a book that has been in your car during the summer creating bubbled pages, it is time for an update.

If you need to shoot, you can check out our website and visit the photographers links for some referrals. Whatever you do, it is important that you do it now!

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