Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are many clients that look for kids for catalogs, commercials, fit modeling, runway and print. For the kids it is all about the fun!
For the parents often the idea that the kids will be bringing in the college fund gets in the way of the fun.
The best part of the job for the kids is in the doing. Doing the audition, doing the callback, doing the job. Just remember that the whole idea is that jobs are something you have to do, but this is something you GET to do. So, do not stress your kids out over castings and bookings because they only get one childhood which should be fun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We all know that one job often leads to another.
For our model Jade, fitting has been her main focus. But as you can see, sometimes fit models cross over into the print world.
Jade was booked with minimal photos on this print job thanks to her great attitude and amazing FIT!~

Monday, February 8, 2010


If you are a model and you still do not have a composite card, you are seriously missing the boat.
We call clients daily and send out packets of model photos all of the time!
Without your cards, you are missing amazing opportunities! Many of the higher paying print jobs require that a model " have" a composite card.
This is the amazing part, the clients want to " weed" out the models that are not serious by reviewing the composite cards, they can get a feeling of who is a professional model and who is a
" hobby" model.
And to be really honest, if you do not have a professional looking PEAK MODELS portfolio with updated photos, that might be why you are not being sent on print castings.
Our clients are very picky, and if you do not have your ducks in a row, we cannot send you to see the clients if your not up to speed.
If you are reading this and realizing that you are one of the models that wants to be considered for print, it is time to have your portfolio reviewed. If you have photos over 1 year old and a book that has been in your car during the summer creating bubbled pages, it is time for an update.

If you need to shoot, you can check out our website and visit the photographers links for some referrals. Whatever you do, it is important that you do it now!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you giving your jobs away?

I have heard some pretty interesting stories lately from well intentioned models.
One model had been working for a client for a few years as their in house model. This position was a few times a week, and afforded her the free time to keep her days flexible to add in new opportunities.
One day the client expressed that they needed another model "just in case". Well, our well intentioned model went and told her friend about the job. She did not tell her friend to call the agency first, she simply handed the job over to her friend with good intentions. By skipping the step of referring her friend to her agent, created an uncomfortable situation for everyone.
The problem is that often your intentions are not in line with another person.

Once her friend got into the company, they decided that they wanted the " new" girl and the original model was let go. She is now wondering where she went wrong? Of course we all want to help others, but do we want to lose our jobs in the process? Not only did she lose her job, but she cost the agency a job as well.

From an agency point of view, if the model would have referred her friend to us first, we would have been able to at least call the client and see what needs were to be filled. This is often a call that a model herself cannot make, and with this information we would have been able to prepare the original model and find other opportunities for her with the knowledge that they were looking to replace her.
She also would have had the option of whether to put her friendship on the line by referring someone close to her to take her job.
Some models feel like they want to help their friends, but I can assure you that you will be helping your friends much more by referring them to your agency who has multiple jobs, over one job that you are going to lose in the process.
I have been booking for many years, and I see this all of the time. I have also seen friendships break up over these instances.
We know it is competitive, so keep your business to yourself, or ask your agency what to do.
We are here to help.
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Friday, February 5, 2010


Fitting is one of the aspects of the business that is a constant income source for models and actors. Fit modeling is one of the positions where your size matters.
When you book a fit job, it is important that your size does not change due to weight loss or weight gain. Many models will ask for fitting work and suddenly think they need to be smaller.
Remember, fit models by nature are not the same models you see on the runway.
A fitting model will go into a clothing manufacturer to FIT the garments and give feedback on how the actual fit feels on the body.

For kids that fit, it is important for the parents to keep up on the kids sizes and report any changes to the agency to assure the best chances of booking. For instance, if your child is close to a FIT size, it is important to keep your agent aware of growth that moves the child into the next size.

For womens sizes, the FIT can be sized very differently from designer to designer.
Better clothing will size things to FIT and sell to more people, so when you try on a higher priced item, you will wear a smaller size resulting in the purchase of the item due to the fit and size.

Cheaper clothing will run smaller, since many of the lower priced lines do not invest in fit models, resulting in lower sales and poor fit.
A professional FIT model will assure that a companies garments will FIT more people across the board. There is a reason that the better goods FIT~!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Models from New York to Hong Kong to Los Angeles all have their idea of what modeling assignments look like. You know, the studio, the line of designer clothing, the fan blowing your hair back, the make up artist waiting int he wings to blot your face, the whole production rocking to amazing music!
OK yes, that is what happens on some print shoots, and on some other print shoots you are outside freezing on the beach at sunrise wearing a bikini trying to look completely relaxed !
Yes there a glam sides to the biz and some sides that are a little less than glam.
Let's face it, most models envision the glam side of the biz, but there is another side that is not considered the glam, but it pays, and pays, and pays.
Fit models everywhere are working for clothing designers and manufacturers weekly, and daily in some cases.
Peak Models & Talent has been booking FIT MODELS for many years. As a former fit model, I have more knowledge and first hand experience than probably any other agent booking fitting models.
Many of our models are booked daily and have worked for the same companies over and over, making FIT jobs some of the most sought after positions in the modeling world.
For information on how you can become a fit model, check in with


Never write you personal contact information on a casting sheet or audition log.
Your agency is a buffer to protect you.
Turns out that some models were writing their contact and email addresses down at castings, and someone got a hold of ther personal number and started calling models in the middle of the night!
And I can assure you that these were not the calls you want to get...ever..
So be safe, and remember that we are concerned for your safety.
Just put our office # down and we will field the calls ... the late night ones will have to go to the machine!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here are a few more images from the magazine shoot shot with Melissa from Peak Models & Talent.
If any of you have images of shoots you have done with us and would like to share , please email them in to the agency!

Monday, February 1, 2010


With spring on the horizon, many brides to be are looking for the most beautiful gown to make a statement on their wedding day! Peak Models & Talent was happy to have Melissa shoot these beautiful shots for an editorial spread in a Bridal Magazine!
These gowns are brought to life by Melissa and these images are an invaluable tool in getting her booked for other bridal catalogs and shows.
Congratulations Melissa, you did an outstanding job, and each photo shows your range and your professional style on the shoot.