Friday, January 8, 2010


Did you go to your casting looking your best today?
Did you have any chipped finger nail polish? Did you wash your hair or did you just throw on a baseball cap and figure your book would do the talking?
Well, here is a little something a casting director sent me the other day regarding casting in general.
I thought it was really interesting and I thought I would pass it on since it is spot on regarding what models need to be aware of when going on castings.....

"As a casting director... I meet with so many models.... Isit with the client next to me and meet each model... and many of the models are very beautiful.... and Iwant to book them.... but the client asks to see their zed cards, or their portfolios... and many of them dont have it... and the client says thank you, next...?!

they get upset when models are unprepared... some models come to castings with chipping nail polish... client looks at their nails and says wow... are you serious? you're a model and you cant take care of your nails when meeting with a potential client?"

Now I am sure no one from PEAK MODELS & TALENT would ever show up unprepared or skip the basic grooming, but can you imagine how easy it is for a client to disregard you?
Every casting is a JOB INTERVIEW, so when you go, keep that in mind.
Dress to impress, top of your game, have your book and a comp card with PEAK LOGO clearly showing for booking purposes.
Let your light shine! There is a Super Model in all of you!
Natasha Duswalt

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