Tuesday, January 12, 2010


As many of you know, LA Casting is one of the most utilized tools out there for agencies and casting agents in Los Angeles. It's ideal for finding models who fit specific projects and who will flourish in certain roles. Unfortunately in order to get auditions for these rolls a little bit of time and money is involved to really make your LA Casting profile pop! Let's start with photographs:

Your premiere photo is the first thing that a casting agent sees when selecting people for auditions. You must have a clear, professional and commercial looking headshot as your premiere photo. PEAK uploads your initial premiere photo when you are signed to the agency but if the photos you provided us with are outdated, blurry, or unprofessional you may want to consider getting new photos taken and uploading a new premiere photo on your own. Yes, this costs money, but what's $50 if you get booked on a $4,000 job? Having an eye catching, warm and personable photo is not only what will grab peoples' attention, it is what will get you booked.

Additional photos are completely optional however if you would like to be submitted for hand modeling, foot modeling, hair modeling etc. it is in your best interest to post additional photos to your account showcasing these features. There have been several instances where a model is very interested in doing specialized modeling but was not considered for an audition because we did not have adequate photos of their specialty. Also you must notify the agency if you are experienced or would like to be submitted for specialty jobs, otherwise you may be overlooked!

Sports photos, as well as a variety of different looks will also significantly increase your chances of getting auditions for certain jobs. Many times the casting agent will ask for athletes who are experienced in their sport and without notification in your LA Casting account, or a photo to back up your skills you may miss out on being asked to audition.
And don't forget to mark on your resume that you have a VALID PASSPORT!!!

If you love modeling or acting and you are interested in pursuing it at an expert level it's important to realize that there will be investments. The time to update your information and the cost of uploading additional photos could mean the difference between booking a job and never even being considered for an audition. As with any job, there will always be sacrifices, but if you put in the hard work and you are dedicated the ends will almost always justify the means!


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