Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok to say that we are swamped is an understatement. My question is, what is going on out there with some of the models? What are you all doing this week? We have had casting after casting, and direct requests for nice BIG MONEY clients, and I am getting a laundry list of excuses and procrastination!
So, yes it is rainy and wet and uck, but come on, if you are someone that is having trouble paying your rent and you did not show up to these castings, then we need to talk.
I hate to be the bad guy here, but I am really surprised that some people would miss HIGH PAYING jobs!?!?! Am I missing something?
Let's review,
Client seeking fit model for ongoing fit, pay is $2500.00 per week on average. Some models were " not sure" if they wanted to go. AND...to really surprise me, they talked themselves out of the audition. YES, that is right, they decided for themselves that they did not " think" they looked good and passed up a huge opportunity. Oh and did I mention that there was also a RUNWAY job that pays $150.00 per hour and the shows usually work about 4 hours?
Ok call me old school, but when I modeled I went to EVERYTHING!
I was always surprised when models would flake out or just blow it off to go to lunch or shop.
I was always happy to go and BOOK the jobs these models were basically handing over to me.
I guess I just want the best for the agency, and the best for our models, so when the models talk themselves out of opportunities, I am completely surprised and wish I could fast forward and show them what it is like to have a steady client. I guess that is why they call it a CASTING, you only get CAST if you show up. And we only book you if you show up, and that is also why we are always busy casting.
The moral of the story is that this is the year we need to step up our game, so let's get these CASTINGS and turn them into BOOKINGS! :))


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