Thursday, January 28, 2010


We all know this business is one of patience, and perseverance, and sometimes complete irony.
At Peak Models & Talent we all know that the tide changes as quickly as the Starbucks cools in your coffee cup!
With so many people in the LA area completing for the same jobs, one has to ask , why is that person booking? What is the secret?
As an agent, I see so many people get frustrated with the business and give up 5 minutes before the miracle, which seems to happen when you least expect it.
For example Claire is one of the models that we have had a harder time booking, only because she is smaller than some of the sizes our clients have been calling for recently.
But, Claire has a commitment to herself and the process, and it paid off.
Claire just booked an ADIDAS commercial this week! The whole job booked quickly, and once Claire was booked, she was called to a fitting at the drop of a hat, and had no problem with going.
She re arranged her day and made it happen, and so ADIDAS was lucky to have someone on her game to represent their company.
Congratulations Claire!
Keep in mind that Claire is newer with PEAK, so hang in there people, there are jobs every day, and even if we do not call you, you can be assured that we are SUBMITTING you EVERY DAY!
So make sure to keep us posted if you leave town or get a job etc.
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