Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok, 2010 is here, so what does that mean?
It means that 2009 is OVER!!!
That's right, whatever 2009 brought to your life can either be built upon or let go, either way it is a whole new game.
The question is, are you in?
If this is your year, what steps are you going to take to increase the abundance in your life?
What commitments will you make to yourself? What can you do today to advance your career in 2010?
Whatever you need to do, and only you know what that is, it's time to start doing.
Need photos? Book a photographer.
Need a new portfolio that can hold your new photos? Call the office.
Need to start booking? Go to your castings!
Whatever you need to do, this is your year....
We are all in this together, so remember, we want you to succeed.
Let's make 2010 a year of abundance!
Natasha Duswalt


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