Wednesday, December 30, 2009


With the new year upon us, we all seem to have plans and ideas of how we are going to go into the new year. Over the break, I have been able to review the site and noticed that many of you have sub standard photos on our website. With a new year upon us, it is really time to take a good look at what you are putting out into the modeling world. Are your photos fresh, inviting and updated? Or are you still using some old photo waiting to get a booking and
"planning " to shoot? Famous last words! I know because it is what everyone says.
I was at a shoot the other day in Florida for my niece who wrote a book at 17 years of age, and I could not help notice that $300.00 bought her about 300 of the most amazing shots, and if she wanted to be a model, OMG again, she has a plethora of shots to choose from.
My point is that if a 17 year old student can pull of a shoot, then a professional model represented by one of the top booking agencies in Los Angeles has no reason not to have the most amazing shots into my office for the website.
I know, I know, you do not have the funds right now to shoot, catch 22. You need money to shoot, and you are not booking...totally understand, so until you get booking, you need to get a job at night at your local coffee house or eating establishment and make some cash to shoot your photos. Ok, so now that you have the solution, what are you waiting for?
Remember, if you are not booking, it is probably 95% of the time due to the fact that you have old or weak photos. And yes, for all of you that are not booking, there are a whole bunch of people with the agency that are buying homes, getting new cars, paying their bills, all thanks to the jobs they are booking with Peak Models & Talent.
For now, remember you decide what type of new year you want to have, do you want to be working or watching everyone else get the jobs?
I will be focusing on getting the models out that show they have what the work ethic to show up, get their photos updated and respond to their castings.

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