Monday, November 16, 2009


If I could create the perfect "Model Robot" these are the things I would program it to do before, after and in between every casting/booking...

#1. BUY A PLANNER: Whether you are old fashioned and prefer a pen and paper, or if you have your MAC laptop always at hand and prefer to use your ICal it does not matter to me. As long as you have some sort of something to put down dates and details, I will be a happy Booker:) 

#2. MAPS: ... are so 1995 so please invest in a GPS. With Christmas coming up perhaps now is the perfect time to spread the word of your ideal gift. Start saving for a GPS so that you can be saved from the frustration of being lost in the Garment District. If you are not ready to commit to a GPS, Map-Quest is the next best thing. If all else fails, you do not have the money for GPS, and you ran out before printing out the Map-Quest directions then your last option would be to give me a call. I am fine with giving directions and prefer getting the call before you have spent an hour being lost, are a half hour late to your casting, and are cursing at every poor passerby while on the phone with me. 

#3. EMERGENCY KIT: always have one in your trunk. It should consist of the usual makeup products, nail polish remover and cotton balls, hair brush and spray, LOTION (especially during this windy time of year when my skin starts to get pretty scaly), a cute bikini for swim castings, a thong (in case you left the house Commando and receive a text for a last second casting), a coin purse full of quarters and a twenty dollar bill (finding a free parking spot downtown is almost as likely as winning the lottery), hand sanitizer (for after you put the quarter in the meter because the person before you had swine flu) black heals, tweezers, a hair tie, PEAK vouchers, stickers, your portfolio (be sure not to leave that in the sunny part of your car as I have seen some pretty melted photos) and your zed cards or headshots. These are staple things but feel free to add to it. 

Taylor B

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