Sunday, November 15, 2009


The other day I was casting for models at our office, and as we were meeting new people, we got a call for a magazine cover looking for great FEET! Well, as you can imagine, it was time for everyone to take off their shoes and show the toes! In fact, we did a full email blast to everyone to send us their best photos of their feet. Now, I know that we do not always think of the feet, but really they do get a lot of play. Sandal ads, shoe companies, nail companies, spas, they all use feet in their ads. When I cast, I often look at hands for our clients, but from now on, it will be feet too.
So, I started thinking about the models and how they present themselves at castings.
We get clients booking all of the time for clothing catalogs, and they ask for the models to bring shoes and sandals.
As a professional model you should have an arsenal of assorted heels, so to make things easier, I have a resource page on where you can check out the latest heels for sale on line. Keeping up your feet is also key. So go ahead and get that pedicure. Your feet will thank you!

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