Wednesday, November 18, 2009


 INVEST IN YOURSELF: It is part of your job description to always look and feel confident and presentable. I know when I do not have polish on my toes or my roots begin to show through my "natural" and costly blonde locks, I begin to feel a little less confident in myself. Yes it may sound petty and selfish but since we are in the Industry where looks are a huge part of what you do, do not think twice about getting that mani pedi, or spending that extra $30 on a month of tanning. Do not be hesitant to splurge on lunch at Whole Foods after a casting rather then driving through McDonalds. Everything you do or put in to your body is affecting your looks as well as your spirit. The more confidence you have the more likely it is you will book a gig to pay off those little things that encouraged and built you up to confident. Just please remember that when it comes to tanning less is more and orange is not a good color ... on anyone! :)

 My last pointer would have to be INVESTIGATE: The internet is one of the most brilliant things on this planet. It is opinionated, it is cultured, wise beyond any human's years, it is user friendly, it is directionally savvy, and it is always right (or most of the time right).  With all of these great characteristics, it amazes me that some people still choose not to take full advantage of such an amazing instrument. The minute you have finished reading a casting we have emailed you, I suggest investigating. Type in the name of the company and I assure you Google will have some sort of information to give you. I have begun including websites of the company if I have it in the casting. I do not do that for fun. Check it out! :) Before calling to ask me what I think you should wear look at the types of clothes or product. I do not mind helping and answering questions unless you have put no effort into searching for the easy to find answers yourself. 

I know that most of these of very self explanatory and basic but it never hurts to be reminded. Always remember, the more you prepare for those last second castings, the better your odds are of booking as not too many people are able to make them. By being prepared you will be increasing productivity, mark my words!
Taylor B.

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