Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Ok, so we have all heard the old cliche' " Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"
Oh yes, I have heard many a woman of wisdom pass this down to the younger girls pining for their boyfriends to ask the big question. Of course, as you may or may not know, this theory applies to the modeling industry in a big way.

So here is the scene...beautiful model, clients are lowering rates around town due to the 
"economy". Ok, we all get it, things are tighter and we all need to work, but seriously, we also need to know our worth.  Some models have been spreading themselves very thin and trying some of the newer smaller agencies to see if they can get a little more going. Then there are the models that go online in hope of catching some "freelance" gigs. 

What does any of this have to do with you? EVERYTHING! 
The modeling industry takes a giant hit when A list models are our selling themselves short to clients and little inexperienced agencies.  One such incident recently happened with one of our models, she was up for a pretty nice catalog and the client was paying a low rate. This particular client wanted this model, and knowing that she was a top booking girl, we asked for a higher rate than offered, chances are they would have booked her for double the rate, except she had lowered her standards and signed up with a little agency in the valley that agreed to the low rate, thus leaving us no room to argue on her behalf.
The sad thing is that the model herself is so willing to see herself short, that it hurts everyone.
And do not even get me started on the models that do work for free to get experience.
Do test shoots, that is where you get experience, working for free is just going to make people think that you are cheap, and you will never command the type of rate you deserve.
Make the mental shift and start trusting that your agency is trying to get you better rates, do not answer clients when they ask money questions, refer them to your agency, or risk getting paid less than the other people on the job.
Think about it, if you are willing to work for free or low pay, why should they even offer a better rate? They will save those rates for the " better" models, and if you really think about it, what is " better" actually maybe " better" means the models that know " better" and trust the agent to get the  proper rates.

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