Thursday, October 29, 2009


Working in and out of the modeling industry has it's perks. Many models take side jobs to pay the bills and remain available for castings and meetings.
Here are some things that the models do on the side to keep the bills paid and remain flexible...
Trainer at the gym - many models keep fit and help others by training clients at the gym. Since most of these positions require early morning sessions, this can be a great way to keep the bulk of your day open, plus you can always move clients around if you book a big job!

Food Servers - here is a great way to keep your time open. There are so many models that work serving table by night and running castings and bookings by day. One of the perks is cash in hand at the end of your shift, and usually a deal on your food as well.

Writing - have you ever considered writing in your spare time? There are numerous companies that use people to write for their articles, blogs and other materials on line. Great for anyone that loves the computer!

Assistants - as an assistant, there are plenty of people out there that need general help getting things done. From buying gifts to getting the banking done, executives all over are strapped for time. What a win - win, you need some time to run around town, and you can get paid taking care of someone's banking, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, dog walking etc. Never underestimate the value of your time and ability to offer help to someone who needs it.

Opinions - now this is an area I am not that familiar with, but I have heard of people that get paid to go to the movies and watch new releases before anyone else. Back about 10 years ago they were getting $10.00 an hour or a flat fee to participate.

Catering - back to food service, catering is another great way to make a few bucks, mingle and keep the bills paid.

Now as you know, we love when you can make your castings, and totally understand that you need to take care of your life and bills, so these are just a few ideas for those of you that want to remain flexible but need some additional income .

Natasha Duswalt

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