Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Ok, so you are out and about running castings and auditions.
Your day is stacked, you can barely fit in a latte, and now you realize that you confirmed for an audition in Santa Monica and the 405 is jammed!!!
So you think to yourself, hmmmm maybe I just wont go, I have so many other things to do!
Now remember, you confirmed with your agent didn't you? Well, did you know that your agent confirmed with the casting director and the client? Yes indeed, and your name is on a list with a little box next to it to report if you showed up or not!

Of course things happen, but in this business your reputation is on the line. Blow off and audition, and it is noted.
Do it more than three times, and notice how much less you get out? Hmmmm something to think about isn't it.
And here is the real kicker, you can go to another agency, and start over, but guess what? Your face and name are attached to the habits you practice. So do the right thing, show up, or call up and communicate if there is a problem.
Do not just blow it off, you only hurt yourself in the big picture.

Oh and one more thing, do not become that pain in the rear that constantly needs a time change, make it work, the easier you are to send out the more you will go out.
Natasha Duswalt


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