Monday, October 26, 2009


Once you are signed with an agency, it is in your best interest to do your part and show up to your castings and bookings.  Think about this for a moment, there are thousands of models that would love to have your spot at the agency.  As an agent, I am bombarded daily with email submissions from new models that would do anything to even get a meeting at the agency. This is always a paradox for me, especially when a model that works with us drops out of a booking to take another job elsewhere.
Believe me I get it, there are going to be times where you get offered a bigger amount of money or status, and that is all fine. The only thing you need to do is to realize that everything has it's price. If for instance you confirmed for a job on a specific date, then it is UNETHICAL to take another job on that date. There is no grey area here, it is what it is. Now I know you are thinking, " but the other job is paying more" or " this is a big opportunity for me". All well understood, and I am not discounting any of that, but from my personal filter, I do not want to work with people that that do not have integrity. 
I am not asking you to do anything I would not do myself.
Back when I was modeling, ( many moons ago) I was booked for a year of shows at $300 per day. The job was in LA, NYC, and MIAMI and I had multiple dates booked for the year.
Well, then a day came along when a large company came along and hired me to do their fittings.
Part of the deal was that they wanted me for their shows as well.
Now here is the clincher, they were offering me $1000.00 per day. Of course I wanted to take it, who wouldn't?? But I also knew that I had given my word to my original client.
So, I made a decision, I did the original job for $300.00 per day. My new client was so impressed with my integrity that they asked to book me in advance for the next year, and I was offered $1200.00 per day. Once I had finished my original commitment, I was open for their company.
The  new client told me that if I was that loyal then they wanted me on their team.
I ended up working for them all over the world, for 7 years straight. 
And on another note, the original client is a client with Peak Models & Talent to this day.
I was able to buy a house with the money I was able to save with that job. 
And I can assure you that if I had not " done the right thing" , I would not have had such a favorable outcome.
The long story is that both clients are still working with me today, and I can assure you that if I had burned anyone back then, I would not be working with them today, and neither would the models at Peak Models & Talent.
For those models out there that are only thinking of the " day rate" you are sadly mistaken, since there is no "rate" for reputation or integrity.
Natasha Duswalt

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