Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Many clients will call us and ask what are the benefits of a professional fitting model?
There are so many reasons to have a professional fit model, especially in the current climate, there is no room for mistakes when it comes to fit.

As you can probably notice when you are out shopping, there are many stores closing and lines of clothing have literally disappeared from the shelves. If you really think about the labels and lines that have endured even the toughest economic downturn, it is the leaders in their industries that have been left standing. It is the companies that have great style and fit that can outshine the competition and continue to write the re - order business needed to survive.

At Peak Models & Talent we have a strong roster of professional fitting models for even hard to fit sizes, such as petites and plus sizes!
Our professional fitting models have the experience and technical information to assist any design team in creating an outstanding fit that sells.
With sizing changing so much in the marketplace, it can be confusing for designers to find where their product " fits in".
Ten years ago a size 8 now translates into a size 6. Size 6's are now closer to a 4. Let's face it we do not all look like the girls on the catwalk, so for those of us that wear regular sizes, it must fit, and that is where the fitting models is our best friend.
All of these changes has left women confused as to what size they really wear, and what labels to buy.
For the companies that keep a consistent fit, those are the companies that will also keep a consistent customer.
Styles change, fads come and go, but fit is timeless. A proper fitting garment will become a staple in a woman's wardrobe.
Just think of your favorite jeans, isn't it thanks to the FIT of the jeans, that you absolutely cannot live without them?
Imagine if you knew that you could always find a line of great clothing, with great style and fit.
Problem solved.

For the most reliable, professional, discreet fitting models in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Peak Models & Talent will
fit your needs, including junior fit models, contemporary fit models, missy fit models, mens fit models, kids fit models, plus size fit models, lingerie fit models, swim fit models, sportswear fit models, if you need to fit it, we are here to help.
For more information on fit sizes, rates and availability of fitting models, please contact us at Peak Models & Talent 661-294-1100
We look forward to helping your company find the perfect fit and to be one of those lines that women go to when they need something that fits!

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