Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok ladies and gents, dreams do come true!
Let's meet Tina for instance. Tina and I met a couple of years back at a casting I set up in Burbank to meet new models interested in modeling and commercials.
Tina originally came to us with an acting headshot and an amazing spark and personality.
Of course seeing her great energy and her great figure, I had to whip out the tape measure.
I knew a great fit model had been born.
Tina was measured and immediately we started sending her out to fit clients.
Tina of course started booking jobs, and with her new found niche market in the FIT MODEL world,  she also started making some nice money.
As you can see Tina has been able to afford to buy a new car for CASH! That's right, no car payments! Just a sporty new ride to get her from designer to designer in style.
I know you might think, " well she is lucky" but like I always say, " Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet". If you are prepared to make money and show up, and you have the required elements, then you too can take control of your future and start booking the FIT jobs.
Our clients are always looking for EXPERIENCED FIT MODELS, so if this is your thing, feel free to contact me for a meeting.
Congratulations Tina! You deserve it, you are a wonderful FIT model, friend, and person.
I am proud to work with you , and look forward to keeping you busy FITTING!
Natasha Duswalt

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TEELOU said...

It is a truly amazing journey and I do owe it all to Natasha. She did leave out one thing, I cold called her and said that my friend who worked for BCBG had me sub for their Fit Model who left town for 2 weeks with zero notice and I was told that I'm very proportional, I have only the last 2 weeks of experiance and I want an Agent...she laughed and said, "OK, I'll see you this Wednesday." And here I am...I still go on auditions and shake a lot of hands and can only hope that I keep moving forward. I'm lucky in the only sense that I found PEAK and that they took me on.