Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fashion Week at Peak!

With fall brings fashion! October is a busy month for the fashion industry, and for the models at Peak.
We have so many girls booked this month that we are in desperate need of new people.
It has really come down to the fact that we need more models in specific sizes. If you are a female model that wears a size 4-6 and you are at least 5' 8 to 5'11, email your shots to
We are also seeking men size 32 jeans and a 40 regular ranging from 5'11 to six foot.
Our models can be seen working hard for top denim designers during the denim market. The print season is in full swing for the Spring collections, as our weather cools down, the studios heat up with models shooting for the spring collections.
Keep checking back to see photos and test shots from our models...

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