Sunday, October 25, 2009


Better models, better talent. I hear this quite a bit on my end of the business from clients, photographers, stylists, bookers, casting directors, and even models and talent.
The word " better" always adds a little extra to that person doesn't it?

Going shopping, there are "better dresses" and you "better" buy the better one if you want the quality you deserve!
So how does this apply to models and talent?
That question is answered in my own prior career as a model in the Los Angeles, New York, Miami and global market. For those of you who knew me back before Peak Models & Talent, you knew that my days were stacked. I was booked often from 7:00 am to late in the evening.
I would do fashion shows and speak with the models during the breaks, and I was always amazed that these beautiful people were not booked solid.
What was going on? These girls were far more beautiful, they were nice, and seemed like the wanted to work? So what was the difference?
I literally would have a group of models around me asking me how I booked so many jobs.
At the time I did not have the answer, but now I do.
I had learned how to be a " better" model.
Ok, now let's not get crazy, being a better model by my definition is not the prettiest, tallest or thinest, it is all together something else entirely.

Here is a list of qualities that I believe create a " better" model.
Attitude - you must want to work and the clients must see that the minute you walk in the door.
Availability - you must be available, do not get a day job and wonder why you are not going out on bookings and castings. You are not a superhero, even Batman used to stop being Clark Kent when he went out!
Private - never run around telling your clients your time issues, where you have to be or why, just work it out, and be available, even if it means moving mountains, just do it and do it quietly.
Above and beyond - I was the girl that helped clean up and hand the garments after everyone left the show. This gave me time to talk to client, find out when they were showing again ad be able to make myself available.
Accountability - when your agent calls you for a casting, do not stall in responding, be the first one to confirm EVERY time. Remember, you wait, and someone might take your spot, adn believe me THEY DO!
So, as you can see, being a "better" model does not take that much effort, it is just being THE person that others think to themselves," hmmmm, that was really cool that she helped out after the show, we should book her again" ....
and they always did.
Natasha Duswalt

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