Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ok. You’ve actually worked and you know that you’ll never, ever, ever forget each and every experience. Unlikely. Although every well-won job may seem totally unforgettable, the majority of us have a human brain and it will most definitely get filled up with new adventures. As this happens, your “unforgettable memories” will be pushed farther back in the file cabinet of your mind. You need help. We all need help.

Get yourself a daily planner, diary or journal and USE IT. Write down appointments, audition times and addresses, and most of all – use it to leave notes to yourself about a job completed. Not only will you need the info to add to your ever-expanding resume, but – hey! – you plan to be famous so why not keep notes for your autobiography?

I know from experience that writing things down on old envelopes, napkins, the back of your hand or the inside of a candy wrapper just doesn’t cut it. Do you have any idea how long it takes to go through your car and find the piece of trash that really isn’t trash because it has the soap opera casting agent’s phone number on it? You know, the one you’ve hoped would call you for six months! I know that sicky-icky feeling and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, or even the guy up against me for that part in a commercial.

BE ORGANIZED. I don’t care if every report card since kindergarten mentioned, “Needs help organizing his work.” You may never have done it before, but you NEED to do it now. Have current appointments easily at hand and always keep every phone number given. Make notes about a job and the name of the PA and director and even extras or models. Then when you get to a job and people look familiar, you can go through your notes and kick-start the memory. Can you imagine walking up to the PA and asking how his kid’s birthday party turned out? Yes, thoughtful - and maybe even worth a bump to your part.

I’m just saying that there are many uses for a journal and every one of them is a good one. If nothing else, it will be great reading when you’re 90 years-old and want to impress your grandchildren, or maybe you get the lifetime achievement award and want to remember why you’re getting it! A journal/daily planner is a tool of acting just as a carpenter needs a hammer. Maybe you think you can do without it, but you’ll be a lot more professional when you have (and use) the correct tools of your trade. Please – get a journal, daily planner, or diary – and USE IT!

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