Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stay Positive!!

There’s lots of “How to’s” when starting out in the acting/modeling field.

I plan to share many ideas and experiences to help you get going, but I also want to share how to keep going once you’ve started.


So you have “the look” down and you’ve started eliminating high school plays from your resume because you actually have some real experience! You’ve managed to be on set and realize that no matter how long it takes, this is the career you love. There’s a jump in your heart every time you get a call for auditions, and you plan your grocery shopping around what you’ll be eating from Craft Services. As great as it all seems, there is a major quirk in the works. As happy as you are, your relatives, girlfriend, boyfriend, 4th grade teacher, or all of the above are equally as unhappy. They keep telling you that you’re a dreamer and your girl/boy friend is threatening to break up unless you get a “real” job. Your parents tell you they won’t send money if you continue such a pointless path. Your 4th grade teacher says she didn’t teach you everything she knows about the Pilgrims so you could throw it all away as a stand-in for Jack Black.


What do you do to stay the course when everyone you always respected seems to be causing waves?  First of all, check deep inside your heart and soul. Are you doing this because you truly want it with all your heart? Because if you are, don’t give up your dream. If you just want some glamour and think it’s an easy way to meet “the beautiful people,” then go home and think of some other way. It’s not easy and you have to want it more than anything else. For those who can relate to that feeling, stay positive. Don’t let anyone get you down. Walk into every audition with confidence and energy. If you have one line, make it the best line in the show or movie. Use affirmations to replace your own negative thoughts and doubts.  Maybe people are saying discouraging words but you can replace those with positive words of your own. Every successful person had someone who didn’t believe in him/her – but they didn’t give up.


“I am prosperous and successful.”

“I am a success in work and life.”

“I am being led right now to my perfect good.”


Make up the affirmations that fit you and then use them without ceasing. There’s a lot of time on set and you can both write or say them to yourself. When no one else helps lift you, lift yourself.  YOU CAN DO IT!

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