Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looking good wearing a bag?

" As I stood at my camera, all of my equipment in order, my mind in  
the game, focused and completely prepared for the test shoot, I  
became eager and excited to shoot some beautiful models. Finally the  
door cracked open.  Out came a foot, then a hand, then.... a huge  
sack-like shirt that I am pretty sure ate the model inside." -  
Anonymous Photographer

Lets take a trip back to high school english class and analyze this  
quote. The photographer comes fully prepared to complete the task  
ahead of him which is to take the photos correct? He has all of his  
equipment, he is mentally and physically prepared, and looks forward  
to the possibilities that will come out of this test shoot. Then we  
have the model, who rolls out of bed or maybe even purposely dresses  
in a trash bag. I understand this is a new fad going around with the  
leggings and humoungous shirts or dresses. However, baggy clothes are  
like curtains on a stage, hiding the talent from the viewers eyes.  
Photographers nor clients are able to see your beautiful figures  
underneath. Keep in mind that this industry is the most critical  
judgmental industry in the world.  They read into anything and  
everything. Inappropriate dress in their eyes equals lack of care or  
This rule does not only apply with print castings but ESPECIALLY  
with fit casting. FIT castings love nothing more than a girl who  
arrives in FITted clothes. Key things to bring to fit castings  
include pony tail holders (for those shoulder measurements) and a  
bikini (just in case always keep one in your trunk).
 Modeling is like a job in sales,  you must arrive to castings fully

prepared and ready to sell the product, which in this case is your  
beautiful figures, faces and spirits!

So the moral of this blog is, NO MORE TRASH BAGS LADIES! :) 


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