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Auditions What to expect?

Auditions: What to Expect


The wait is over, you’ve finally been called in for your first audition, now what?


You arrive in the casting office and realize there are about 15 complete strangers that are auditioning for the same exact role as you. Some are sitting rehearsing lines to themselves in the corner, others may be bragging about all the jobs they are booking to the guy next to them. Find your way to the sign-in sheet and make sure you have all your paperwork, polaroid’s, and headshots ready to go before it’s your turn. Ask any last minute questions and check to see when the callback and shoot dates are. In the meantime find a seat in the lobby and wait for your turn. Rehearse your script one last time and don’t pay attention to the guy talking about all the jobs he’s getting, usually it’s just for show.


When you’re called in for the audition the people in the room will consist of yourself, the casting director, and even more complete strangers staring at you with a blank look on their face. Some of the other people in the room may be the producer, a camera operator, a representative from the advertiser, or the casting director’s buddy. No matter who’s in the room, treat everyone with respect. That guy munching on a sandwich in the corner, with old torn jeans, and sending text messages, could be the producer.

By the time it's your turn to audition, the casting director has probably seen hundreds of other people, which means he/she and anyone else in the room is likely to be tired, bored, and maybe a little irritable. Try to make the casting director’s job easy and not talking until it’s your time to talk is one of the best ways to do this. Don’t tell the people in the room some story about your friend Timmy’s new band and how they blew their first show.

Someone may ask for your headshot and resume if you haven't already handed one in. At some auditions, someone may take your picture with a digital camera, so the casting director can review all the people who auditioned that day. This may be before you walk in or at the beginning of the audition. Be sure to smile, dress the part, and look your best.

Next someone will tell you where to stand which is usually a mark on the floor made of tape. The casting director will then ask you to slate which means saying your name clearly with a smile.  He/she may also ask you to include other information such as your agency, age, or related experience for the part. The casting director will then say “OK GO,” “Start,” or “ACTION.” This is your cue to start the audition you’ve been preparing so hard for.

After your audition is complete, thank everyone who helped you out, the casting director, the man eating a sandwich in the back, and the receptionist who helped you check in. Also, before you leave the audition, you may have to sign out on the same sign-in sheet if you are part of a union. After you sign out, leave quickly and make sure you have your keys, phone, portfolio, and anything else you don’t want left behind. Now just sit back and wait for that call back.

 Chris Fabregas Actor  / Model

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